Busch Vizslas

home of Jim and Linda Busch, vizsla breeders and vizsla competitors for 60 years.

Last updated June 25, 2024.

For current information on available puppies, go to Pups and Litters page.

Last updated June 25, 2024.

For puppies currently available go to Pups & Litters page. 

Our Lines

We have competed with vizslas in field, hunt tests, show, and national shoot-to-retrieve events. We have some of the best vizslas in the country.

We were the proud owners of Hall of Fame DC/AFC Askim MH, NSTRA CH, as well as many other well-known titled vizslas. 

We also own three Midwest Vizsla Futurity winners.   Our deceased FC/AFC Raany is the sire to most notably

  • 4X NGDC/DC/AFC/Can. Ch. Onpoint’s Tuff Stuff, FD, TT and
  • 3XNGDC, 2XNAFC, MVSDC, NVA-NFC, DC/AFC Crimson’s Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC. 

Our Ch. Archiee, JH is the sire to the #1 field female in the country for the past couple of years:

  • NAFC/NFC//DC/AFC JB’s Asker ‘Bout Birds and many other successful field/show dogs.

Our Credentials

Our credentials include:

Serving in the Vizsla Club of America (Linda as an officer and board member, and Jim as board member),

Vizsla Club of Illinois, Inc. (both as past officers and board members and served in every job possible in a club over the years and continually). The Vizsla Club of American made us “Lifetime Members” for our years of service. We are also “Lifetime Members” in the Vizsla Club of Illinois. It’s an honor from both clubs for which we are very proud.

We have successfully competed in conformation and field events, have had vizslas on the national top ten field lists, have a Hall of Fame vizsla as well as many other titled vizslas. We have produced quality puppies for over 44 years, and many of those went on to become titled dogs.

In 2007 we were awarded the “Distinguished Senior Service Award” by the Field Trial Clubs of Illinois for our contributions to the sport of hunting dogs. 

We have taken numerous seminars on anything and everything dog related over the years.   

It is our philosophy that the vizsla is a wonderful hunter and family pet for people with or without children, living in apartments or large estates, and hunters or couch potatoes. In our experience they adapt very well to their surroundings and training. We have also sold many very calm, laid-back vizslas who have won field titles – disproving the old wives tale that field vizslas have to be hyperactive.  BUT, they do need some type of exercise and are active as pups.   They are not the type of dog you can leave in a crate all day long and expect to not want your attention when you get home.   Many hours of exercise a day is not needed as you may read other places.  However, some exercise and attention is needed daily otherwise you will have a bored dog who may become destructive.   This is true of just about all dogs.

Please be sure to visit our other pages to learn all about us, our personal vizslas, our puppies, and other important and useful information for all vizsla owners.

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