We like to keep track of our offspring who are successful in any type of competition.  The majority of those listed below are direct

offspring of our dogs.  It's harder keeping track of the grandkids, but there are many more of those also out there who are doing

extremely well in competition.  If you have a descendent of our dogs, we would love to hear from you so we can brag

 about you too.

Irene Balla of Canada just informed me (January 2016)  "Busch's Princess of Wales" is now a Grand Champion.   "Didi" is out of Ch. Chicquitaa, JH and 6xBISS Silver Grand Ch. Just Spike, JH.

Congratulations to Irene and Didi on this wonderful accomplishment.


National Field Champion/Dual Champion/Amateur Field Champion JB's Asker 'Bout Birds (Kinzie) sired by Ch. Archiee, JH and owned

Jody and Chet Beckley of Kansas named #1 Open Field Dog and #1 Amateur Field Dog on Vizsla Club of America Top Ten list for 2014, 2015.

6xBISS Silver Grand Champion Just Spike, JH owned by Linda Busch ranked #10 top 100 show dog in 2013 and #16 top 100 show dogs for 2014 the

Vizsla Breed by AKC.

"Silver" Grand Champion Spike won Best of Breed, Sept. 6-7 at Kenosha Kennel Club and was also Sporting Group 2 winner on Sunday.



Jackson Padilla owned by Ron and Ellen Padilla of Long Island, NY recently earned his JHA.   Jackson is out of Spike's sister Delwood's Vizion Andrea Doria "Dory" and our Ch. Archiee, JH. Rich Johnston  in Pennsylvania with his dog Flint who earned his first leg of Jr Hunter on 9-20-14.   Flint is out of our Ch. Lorrin, JH and 6xBISS Silver GCh. Just Spike, JH.   Today, Oct. 5th Flint got all the qualifying scores needed to be a Junior Hunter before one year of age.   Congratulations to Rick and Flint.

Noel Walter of Florida and New York showing his female Rosie for the first time and earning her first 1 point at dog show.  Scroll down for picture of Rosie earning field trial placements earlier in the year. Noel Walter showing Rosie her second time and earning a 3 point major win in Holyoke, MA.    Rosie is out of our Ch. Zeeva and 3xNGDC, 2xNAFC, NVA-NFC, DC/AFC Crimson's Sky Twenty Gauge Ruger, MVSDC, SH, CGC.  


    -    GRAND SLAM!!!   Bronze Grand Champion Just Spike, JH just won the Vizsla Club of Illinois Specialty Show Saturday, July 13th (2013) and a Sporting Group 2nd place.  Then on Sunday, July 14th he won the Specialty Show AGAIN!!!    Saturday had a total of 60 entries and Sunday was a total of 54.  We are truly pumped to say the least!!!!

VCOI Specialty July 13, 2013, Judge Larry Berg, handler Chris Jones, owner Linda Busch, Spec. Chair Kathy Engelsman VCOI Specialty July 13, 2013, Sporting Group 2 Judge Larry Berg, handler Chris Jones, owner Linda Busch VCOI Specialty July 14, 2013, Judge Ken Murray, handler Chris Jones, owner Linda Busch



News from the west coast (California)

Tiberius Bilz w/trainer Ken Kuivenhoven - Junior Hunter title

April 23-24, 2013 (Ty was 10 months)

Ken w/owner Charles Bilz and Tiberius - Irish Setter Club of the Pacific  March-2013

Third Place Puppy  (Ty was 9 months old)


   -        Linda's girl Chicquitaa, Junior Hunter is also now Champion Chicquitaa, Junior Hunter.  

NAFC, DC/AFC JB's Asker "Bout Birds DOES IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!


Wonder team Beckley does it again!   Jody Beckley and NAFC, DC/AFC JB's Asker 'Bout Birds  (Kinzie) placed 2nd in an AKC Pointing Breed Gun Dog Championship (Retrieving) event this past week at Branched Oak, Nebraska.   There were over 50 dogs entered.    Jody and Kinzie continue to amaze us with their talents and continued successes.  



  Noel Walter of NY and FL at Panhandle GSPC field trial Jan 5-6 and TBVC field trial Jan, 7-8 with his female taking two first places.   At the Panhandle she was Open Puppy first and at the TBVC trial she was Amateur Puppy first.    Congratulations Noel and pup.  (Dam:  Ch. Zeeva, JH and sire is Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger (too many titles to list).


Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club, Sept. 1-3, 2012

Amateur Walking Derby: 

1st place Ruggedlly Handsome, JH, owner/handler Michelle Princer (dam Holly Barre, JH/sire Field Ch O Mega)

2nd place Lakeview's "Rogue", owner/handler Shelly Kliefoth (dam Lakeview Shandy Bass, JH/sire Field Ch O Mega)

4th  place  Clementine, owner/Jim Busch, handler/Teresa Gimbur (dam Ch. Southern Trails Una Roja, JH/sire Field Ch O Mega)

Open Derby:

1st place Lakeview's "Rogue", owner/handler Shelly Kliefoth (dam Lakeview Shandy Bass, JH/sire Field Ch. O Mega)

4th place Ruggedlly Handsome, JH, owner/handler Michelle Princer (dam Holly Barre, JH/sire Field Ch. O Mega)


Vizsla Club of Illinois Specialty Shows/July 14-15, supported entry show Friday, July 13:  Linda's boy Grand Ch Just Spike, JH won Best of Breed at the supported entry show on Friday, Select Dog for Saturday's Specialty show, and Best of Breed for Sunday's Specialty show.    Photos posted on Our Dogs/Males/Spike page.  Spike will turn two years old the end of October. 


Jim's female Lorrin, JH is now Champion Lorrin, JH.   She earned her final point needed for championship status in May 2012 at the Bloomington cluster shows.   See Our Dogs/Females page for Lorrin's photo.


Vizsla Club of America Walking Gun Dog Championship - March 2012, Georgia.   "Kinzie" owned by Jody and Chet Beckley from Coby, Kansas won the

VCA's 2012 Walking Gun Dog Championship in Georgia in March.   You can see more photos of Kinzie below with her other many successes. 

She is now NGDC, DC/AFC JB's Asker 'Bout Birds (Kinzie)!     Way to go team Kinzie!


Linda's boy Ch. Just Spike earned his Grand Championship title the weekend of Dec. 10-11, 2011 at age 13 months.  See pictures on

Spike's page.


"Colt" owned by Sem and Kayte Dieterich in Connecticut earned a 2nd place in the Open Derby at the Ct. Valley Vizsla Club's field trial Dec. 3rd.   This was Colt's first field trial and he's only 8 months old.   Colt is out of Ch. Zeeva, JH and 3xNGDC, 2xNAFC, NVA-NFC, MVSDC, DC/AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC.

Sem's other dog from us, Bea, out of our Shaolin and Ch. Archiee, JH earned 3 of the 4 needed ribbons towards her Junior Hunter title.   Bea is over 2 years old.

Claude, owned by Mara Fizdale also in CT, also earned a 4th place in the Open Derby at the CT Valley Vizsla Club's field trial Dec. 3rd.   Claude is out of Shaolin, JH and Ch. Archiee, JH.   Claude will be 2 years old in April 2012.



Linda's Ch. Just Spike earned two Best of Breeds and a Sporting Group 4 at the Lake Shore Kennel Club show Nov. 26-27, 2011.


Vizsla Club of America National Field Events November 7 - 13, 2011 in Pinckneyville, IL:    Linda's young female Chicquitaa took a

3rd place in the Open Derby with 35 entries.    Also, DC/AFC JB's Asker 'Bout Birds (Kinzie) took 2nd place in the National Field

Championship stake out of 48 dogs.   Both females are out of Ch. Archiee, JH.   3XNGDC, 2XNAFC, NVA-NFC, MVSDC, DC/AFC Crimson's

Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC (out of our FC/AFC Raany, SH) won National Amateur Field Championship for 2nd time. 

Vizsla Club of America National non-field Events, September 19-22, 2011 in Denver, Colorado: DC/AFC JB's Asker 'Bout Birds (Kinzie)

won Field Trial Bitch class, All Star Review, and an Award of Merit in Best of Breed out of 100 dogs.  

Kinzie 2nd place Nat'l Field Championship

      Kinzie All Star Review winner, Nationals 2011- Mel Reveles handler, Jody Beckley owner.  

Kinzie Award of Merit/ Nationals 2011  Linda Kelly judge, Mel Reveles handler, Jody Beckley owner, Linda Busch breeder.


Jim's female Southern Trails Una Roja, just earned her conformation title October 23 in Springfield, IL and is now Champion Southern Trails

Una Roja, JH.  See pictures of her on the Our Dogs/Females page.   The next day at the same show, Jim's female Lorrin also won a 3 point

major win towards her conformation title.


Joe Fitzsimmons female FC Shawnee's Red Lioness "Sage" won a 26 OLGD stake Sept. 24-25, 2011 in Pinckneyville at the VCOI field trial.  

Sage was 3 years old in June and already is a field champion.  Pictures of Sage coming in the future.



        Rob Struthers and Angus earn JH.                                   Charlie Wentzel and Allie earn JH Sept. 2011.


We just found out one of Lassie's sons, Jack, is quite famous on in the east coast.   (father is Archiee)    Jack is the official mascot for a

Hyundai dealership in Holyoke, MA.   Go to and click on the videos to see more of Jack.   He's in almost every



Spike has been having a great time at dog shows.   Saturday, July 16th at the VCOI Specialty show he won Best in Puppy Sweepstakes.   Sunday, July 17th at the VCOI's second Specialty Show he won Best of Opposite Sex in Puppy Sweepstakes.   Then he won Winner's Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed, and a Group 2 all from the 6 to 9 month puppy class.   That is a once-in-a-lifetime happening!!!!!!   We are still reeling from the shock and magnitude of it all.  

Spike's Group 2 photo, July 17, 2011 from VCOI Specialty Show and Kishwaukee All Breed Dog Show.  This is not our "official" show photo, but will work in the meantime.   Judge is Sam Houston McDonald, Handler Chris Jones, and owner Linda Busch

One of Spike's Best of Breed photos from the Indiana clusters where he won Best of Breed four out of five days.  Handler Chris Jones.


Zach Simpson, age 16, wrote a great article published on the AKC web site.    Go to to read it.   There are pictures farther below of Zach who helped his dog Otis get a Master Hunter when Otis was 18 months old.


 Official titles now for Ruger are NVA Field Champion, VCA 2xNAFC, 3xNGDC, MVSDC DC/AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH, CGC has earned two new titles.    March 2011 he won the Nat'l Vizsla Club's Nat'l Open Gun Dog Championship in Missouri.   Then a week later he won the VCA's Nat'l Gun Dog Championship for the third time.  "Ruger" is out of our FC/AFC Raany, SH and owned by Pam and Mark Spurgeon.   He has the most field titles of any vizsla.   Ruger is an awesome family pet, dynamic field competition dog and family hunting dog.  He is also the Midwest Vizsla Shooting Dog Champion for 2011.



Donnor (pictured below)wins Derby stake at Vizsla Club of Eastern Iowa and his sister Ch. Zeeva, JH was third in the same stake.  Later Zeeva won the Amateur Walking Derby stake. (Oct. 2010).



Winner of the 2010 VCA National Derby stake Don Juan de Busz "Donner" owned by Debbie Reid.   Donner is out of Kacela and our Ch. Archiee, JH. (official winning photo to come soon)

2nd place Winner 2010 VCA National Field Championship stake FC/AFC Rampaige, owner Phil Rohs.  "Paige" is out of our Sable II and our FC/AFC Raany, SH (official winning photo to come soon)


This isn't about our pups, but have to show you Jim Busch judging All Star Review at 2010 VCA National non-field events in Oconomowoc, WI Sept 30th, 2010.   Also photo of Jim and Linda Busch as recognized "honored guests" (for old-timers) in the VCA. 

Judges Shelly Coburn, Jim Busch, and Jenny Hawthorne (from NewZeland) with All Star Review winner Ch. Boulder's Power of Persuasion, CD,RE,VC,MH "Suede" with owner Judy Hetkowski from Boulder, CO. Jim and Linda Busch accepting gift at Honored Guests reception for 2010 Vizsla Club of America national event (Oct. 2010) in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

  "Judge" Jim in is 40 yr old paisley velour jacket.  Color off in Jim's face) 




"Ozzie" out of Strider's Three Little Birds "Marley" and FC O Mega earns his show title Sept. 2010.   Handled by owner Andy Weyer, MN. "Tiki" out of Sparkle II, JH and Ch. Archiee, JH only needs  two more points to earn his conformation title.   Owner: Chad and Nancy    Chadwell, IL. "Otis" earned his Master Hunter title at 18 months of age (Oct 2010)  Otis is owned by Bob Simpson and was handled by Zack Simpson (in picture) to his MH title. Otis is out of Greta's Gotta Get It, CD, CGC and Ch. Archiee, JH.


Ch. JB's Asker 'Bout Birds (Chevee,JH X Ch. Archiee, JH) has been winning again only this time in the field trial scene.   "Kinze" owned by Jody Beckley of Colby, Kansas has been placing and winning in the Derby field trial events.  This past weekend (May 15-16, 2010) she earned a fourth place ribbon in the Open Gun Dog stake and the Amateur Gun Dog stake at a Brittany trial.  Each event had 26-28 all-breed dogs entered.    This is also while running and placing/winning in Derby stakes.    Still being eligible for the Derby stakes means Kinze is still under two years of age even though she is now competing in the broke gun dog stakes as well.  Way to go Jody and Kinze.   (pictures of Kinze during her outstanding show career are shown farther below)   This is the little female that got bitten in the face by a Diamondback rattle snake and lived!  



Linda's female ZEEVA FINISHED HER SHOW CHAMPIONSHIP MAY 7TH BY EARNING A 4 POINT MAJOR AT THE BADGER K.C. SHOW IN WISCONSIN.   YEAAA!!! (Kacela X Ch. Archiee, JH) Zeeva decided to celebrate her big wins by making green clouds out of her doggie bed.  "What?  You don't like my clouds?"



Left two pictures is Duke's Lady Tess (DOB 7-6-08).   Tess achieved a Prize I at the NAVHDA Natural Ability test March 2009 by delivering a perfect score of 112 points in nose, search, water, pointing, tracking, desire to work, and cooperation AT ONLY 8 MONTHS OF AGE!!!  She is also a Junior Hunger.  (Missy, JH X CH Archiee, JH)

Ralph's Duke Remembered, MH (DOB 5-11-03).  Duke, pictured in right two pictures earned his Master Hunter in the spring of 2009 and in December of 2009 was the Conestoga Vizsla Club's "Now That's a Hunting Dog" winner.  Duke had also earned a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize I at the age of 10 months old in March 2004.  (Dory Dot Dog X FC/AFC Raany, MH)

Duke and Tess are owned by Bob and Linda Peterson in Leesburg, VA.  They also have at home Lexie who completes the family of three vizslas.  We are very proud of Bob, Linda, and their accomplishments with their dogs. 


Shelly Kliefoth and Mead who earned her JH with Shelly

handling Mead most of the time (DOB 5-17-09)

(Evette, JH X 2XNFC DC/AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, MH)



Lakeview's Honey Wine "Mead" has been doing very well in field trials with placements this season.  March 09-VCOI Amateur Walking Derby 3rd

May 1-Irish Setter Club of Wisconsin, 3rd place Open Derby

May 8 - Wisconsin Weimaraner Club 2nd place Open Derby



Gemma Hemauer first place in puppy obedience school.  She is out of our Zoom-Zoom, JH and our Ch. Archiee,JH. Linda's female Zeeva earned a 3rd place in Puppy  Bitches (class of 18 females) at Vizsla Nationals October 2009. Handler Sheila Stahr.  See a larger picture on Zeeva's page (OurDogs/Females/Zeeva) "Dazzle" 4th in MVFF.  She is out of our Zoom-Zoom, JH and our FC O Mega.


Omega's Dazzling Heartland Express (Daizzle wins 4th place in 2010 Midwest Vizsla Field Futurity.  Owner: Jim Busch (Zoom-Zoom, JH X FC O Mega)


Zack Simpson with Otis and his first ribbon at the VCOI Field Trial Sept. 19-20, 2009 Zack and Otis - Otis earns Junior Hunter title before 7 months old!!!! (Greta's Gotta Get It X Ch. Archiee, JH)   Ruby Hickox graduates from Puppy School.  Yea Ruby!!!!  We love the hat!  (Evette, JH X FC/AFC Rolling Rock, MH)


Chad Chadwell and Tiki do well again.  Tiki earns a Derby first place.  He is out of our Sparkle II, JH and our Ch. Archiee, JH.

Tiki owned by Chad and Nancy Chadwell in Springfield, IL  earned his JH title the weekend of Sept. 12-13.    (Sparkle II, JH and Ch. Archiee, JH.  )


Don Hogan and Dodge from Kentucky

Dodge is out of FC Onpoint Raany Daze and FC/AFC Si Cisco

Dodge( Deuce's Step to Side)  earned his SHR (Started Hunting Retriever) Title at Central Kentucky Hunting Retriever Club's fall Hunt Test in Richmond, Kentucky.

One of the land tests was extremely challenging for this level and nearly a fourth of the dogs (all labs and goldens) were unable to locate the downed bird. The judges were so impressed with the way Dodge quartered to find the Mark and made comment that his retrieve was the best of all the dogs in that specific event.

The second day of the Test was conducted in an absolute downpour but it made little difference as Dodge absolutely nailed both the water and land portions, the water being an extremely long swim to the Mark.

To say the least I am extremely proud of him. I have been recovering from surgery to my ankle all summer and have not been but barely able to train with Dodge leading up to this event. I knew he could do it, and took it on faith that he'd know what to do...

I've received the HRC magazine for several years and have never seen a vizsla listed as receiving a Title. I am going to write and see if Dodge may be the first (surely he isn't...)




Zeeva (owner Linda Busch) wins Illinois Specialty Puppy Sweepstakes 2009.   Handler: Sheila Stahr. 

Dam: Kacela x Sire CH Archiee, JH.




(Max's Amazing Grace X CH Archiee, JH)

July 4, 2009 going Best of Winners

in Sedalia, Mo to earn a 4 pt major to

finish his championship. 


  Friday, May 15th – Show Me Vizsla Club Specialty - JB’s Asker Bout Birds, owned by Jody Beckley from Kansas won Best in Specialty Sweepstakes.  “Kinze” is an Archiee daughter nine months old.

 Friday, May 15th - Sunflower Kennel Club of Olathe, KS – JB’s Asker Bout Birds, owner Jody Beckley, also won Winner’s Bitch and Best of Winners from the Puppy Bitches 6 to 9 months old class. 

 Saturday, May 16th – Sunflower Kennel Club of Olathe, KS – JB’s Asker Bout Birds, owner Jody Beckley, again won a four point major going Winner’s Bitch and Best of Winners. 

Saturday, May 16th – Sunflower Kennel Club of Olathe, KS - Archiee’s No Doubt, owned by Carla and Bob Mayhew from Kansas, won a four point major going Winner’s Dog from the American-Bred class - Another Archiee kid.    FC O Mega, owner Jim Busch, won Winner’s Reserve handled by Sheila Stahr. 

 Sunday, May 17th – Sunflower Kennel Club of Olathe, KS – JB’s Asker Bout Birds won Winner’s Bitch for one point. 


   ARCHIEE'S NO DOUBT - "Dyson" at show in   2007  going BOW. This will be replaced as soon as we get the current new show picture.

    JB's Asker Bout Birds  - "Kinze" going Best in Sweepstakes at the Show Me Vizsla Club Specialty Show, May 2009.  Kinze earned her Championship title recently too!!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cooper, owned by Mike and Shelly Gaughan in Bolingbrook recently earned his AKC's CGC certificate.  Cooper is out of Raany's Lovin' Spoonful (Magic) and CH Archiee, JH.



 The following came May 4th from John Bacik in Strongsville, Ohio with news about his dog Bailey out Si Cisco and Langenfeld's Little Lucy.

This past weekend, the NSTRA Ohio Region Elimination was held, in Wooster Ohio, with 56 dogs entered. It was comprised of past champions & placement dogs from the past year from the Ohio region. There were 21 GSP's, 15 ES's, 13 EP's, 5 GWH's, 1 Britt & 1 Vizsla entered.
Bailey made the cut on Saturday, by matching a 3x NSTRA champion setter. The other handler said it was the best Vizsla he'd ever seen (apparently NSTRA doesn't see too many). The judge liked him also, commenting that on one of his finds "that was the best he'd seen all day".
On Sunday they ran 32 dogs in 2 fields & we drew the last brace in "A" field. By the time we ran, the gallery of 20 had dispersed, & only the Field Marshal & the handler I ran against on Saturday, were watching. Bailey shot out & we had 3 finds & 3 retrieves in the first 5 minutes. We ended with 5 finds & 5 retrieves for a 985.75 score. The next best dog, in "A" field, had a 3 & 3 (we smoked em!). Bailey was the "A" field winner. It also put Bailey in the top 6 for the weekend & into the next round.
There was a break after our brace, so I went into the clubhouse for lunch. There was a buzz going around about our run. All I could hear was Vizsla this & Vizsla that. It was the judges, the Field Marshal, & the two handlers I ran against the last 2 runs describing our run. Wow, Its' like they never saw a Vizsla before. (Of course, we were the only one in the trial) The region president told me we made history, as no other Vizsla had made it into the top 6 before in the Ohio region. 
Next was 3 braces, with the top 6 dogs. We ran in the last brace, & had a 3 & 3 run for a 623 score. Our brace mate had a 3 & 2 + a back & beat us by only18 points (they had a find in the final minute of the run). We ended up in third place. A few more points & we would have been in the hour long run off for first place. Our brace mate went into the finals & won it.
All this, & we had only ran in 2 braces (placing in one of them) for the entire year leading up to this trial. My work was non-existent, so I had put NSTRA on the back burner. Hopefully, things will pick up & I'll be able to run in more next year.
I received a nice trophy, a 4 bags of Pro-Plan, & will receive silver engraved belt buckle. Needless to say, I'm very proud!


John Bacik with Bailey

Don't you just love Bailey, the brown dog in the middle! 

 * * * * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

NEW TITLE:  CH Zakaranny Firecracker owned by Gary Spears of Texas earned his Conformation title March 2009 at the Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club's Specialty Show.

Dam: Shiloh's Firecracker Jane, JH

Sire:  FC/AFC Raany, SH

Congratulations Gary and Zak.  Now for that field title!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

2008 National Gun Dog Champion - new title for Ruger.  He is now NGDC/DC/AFC Crimson's Twenty Gauge Ruger, SH.

Dam:  Madison III, SH

Sire:  FC/AFC Raany, SH