Juno Chandler, Duluth, MN

DC/AFC JB's Asker Bout Birds "Kinzie"


Ginger's first bath

Ginger all grown up in Denver

Ruggedly Handsome "Rugged"

Donnor, Arnie, and Murphy Reid, Canada

Charles and Kalik Thayer, Florida

Kalik Thayer, Florida

Hunny getting treat on nose, Illinois

Hunny with baby, Illinois.

Cleo and baby, Illinois

Elwood in Michigan

Emma Piccolo, Chicago

Emma Piccolo, Chicago

Taz Ivany, Anchorage, Alaska

Taz Ivany in her airplane in Anchorage, AK

Tascha Stubbe & playmate, Puerto Rico

Tascha Stubbe, Puerto Rico

Playing with Busch puppies

Ethos Ward, Kansas

Wesson Catalanatto with twins, Illinois

Zena and Randy Flerra, Kentucky

Ginger Koniarski, Illinois

Goose Bianco, Texas

Keef''r Doede, Wisconsin

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