I am working on adding new photos  as often as possible.   If you see your dog and the name or state is wrong, please let me know

so I can change it.  Photos are of pups we've sold, dogs we own, or pups from dogs our studs have sired.   If you would like to see

your dog in our Photo Gallery, please send me a picture.

Remi Wendt, Georgia

Toby McGowan, Colorado

Angus Struthers, Illinois

Dyson Mayhew, Kansas

Soderstrom dog, Illinois

Hemi Morsch, Illinois and  Shandy Kliefoth, Wisconsin

Svdahl pup, Minnesota

Rock and Asta pup, Illinois

Buffy, Linda's rescue dog, Illinois

Dexter Engel, Illinois

Coeli Eubanks, Pennsylvania

Millie Hardy, Alabama

Millie Hardy again (knows how to have fun)

Hogan pup, Kentucky

Emme and Ariel Rice, Wisconsin


Hudson in Florida

Oakley Gutrich

Sakura Slavin, Illinois


Asta pup and cat in crate, Illinois

Donnor Reid (Group 2), Canada

Ellie X Archiee pup

Kaya MacDougal, Illinois


Deuce Carr, Illinois

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